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360 VR-3 Head

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In addition to our NOBLEX panoramic cameras we offer a range of accessories:

    The PANOLUX - exposure metering and control mode module - operates either in conventional object metering or determines in the light metering mode the position of the main light source and controls the speed of the lens drum for contrast compensation.

    The Slow Exposure Module offers you the opportunity to use your NOBLEX PRO 150UX/175UX in the slow speed range.

    You want the super-panorama? Use our VR-3 Pan Head and form a 360 picture out of three single photographs.

    Less haze, more contrast, thunderclouds: The right Filter for every mood. Close-up Lenses - for more sharpness in the close-up range. You can use the close-up lenses with all NOBLEX PRO cameras.

    Bags & Cases ... Bags & straps... for your 135 NOBLEX camera.

    Noblex Hologram edition watches, only 10 made, numbered!  see below...


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Order # Noblex Accessories  Price- US$
8025A Slide frames (passepartout) frame: 5 x 12 cm

Outside dimension: 13 x 8 cm     Quantity: 10

8025 Slide frames (passepartout) frame: 5 x 12 cm

Outside dimension: 13 x 8 cm     Quantity: 100

8807/8808 Bag for 135 (imitation leather, black, with strap or Black Canvas with green trim and logo w/strap) $38
8813 Strap for 135 (green neoprene with logo) $29
3630 VR-3-Head $455: reduced to $365.00

Noblex Hologram edition watches, only 5 made in each colour, numbered!   

Hologram of Noblex 135 U on faceplate.   Collectors item!


Available in black.  $120.  Only 3 black left.
 Slide holders are also available....please email for details.