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Note**These cameras are no longer being produced**


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The Noblex 135 series of 35mm panoramic cameras have been developed based on the principles and the experience gained from the professional medium format camera NOBLEX PRO ...

Key Benefits

  • The principle of scanning type exposure of the picture through a rotating lens with a constant shutter slit on a curved film plane creates super wide-angle pictures.  Noblex pictures are genuine panorama photographs with an angle of view of 136 degrees and corresponds to the natural space perception of the human vision.  The NOBLEX cameras are exceptionally well suited for landscape, architectural landscape and travel photography, for group portraits as well as for creative use in art and advertising
  • The rotating lens drum is driven by a high powered DC motor and makes one rotation per exposure.  During the first half  the drum reaches a constant speed and will produce an absolutely even exposure during the second half.
  • The click stopped exposure speeds are created by variation in the drum speed.  It is possible to produce different types of multiple exposures, for instance extremely long exposures, picture montage and stroboscopic multi exposure
  • The basic specifications may be expanded through a wide reaching accessory program.


Note**These cameras are no longer being produced**


Description SKU #

Price- CAN$/US$

Noblex 135 U 3600 N/A
Noblex 135 S with shift lens 3610 N/A
Bag for 135 ( black, with strap) 8807 $38
Strap for 135 (green neoprene with logo) 8813 $29
Panolux 135 metering module 3620 N/A