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NOBLEX Large format:

revolutionary systems for professional panoramic photography designed by the NOBLEX KAMERA WERK in Dresden, Germany.

Key Benefits

  • NOBLEX Cameras utilize a rotating lens drum with a consistent shutter gap to create a photograph corresponding to the natural perspective of the human eye.  As the scanning lens rotates, it exposes the film which is stretched over a precisely curved tract to achieve a distortion-free super wide angle photograph.  That is why these cameras are outstanding for landscape and architectural photography as well as most suitable for creative work in art and advertising.
  • The new design principles for the motor drive, shutter control and various functions were implemented only after thorough research and rigorous testing.      
  • The rotating lens drum, driven by a high power DC motor moves an entire revolution in clockwise direction with each exposure.  In it's first half of rotation, the drum is accelerated to a constant speed with the lens closed to avoid light penetration;   however, the lens aperture opens during the remainder of the rotation for absolutely even exposure of film.
  • A wide range of exposure speeds begins with extremely fast and precisely adjustable shutter speeds and features continuous drum rotation for virtually unlimited exposure
  • The set exposure speed is attained by varying the speed of the lens drum. The faster exposure speeds allow for blur free and distortion free photographs even without a tripod.   By using the optimum F-stop, it is possible to achieve maximum picture sharpness under all lighting conditions, including night photography.
  • The world's finest optical glass found in Germany is used in the construction of the highest quality lens which makes super sharp pictures on 60mm (120 type) roll film.   A well-conforming and ergonomic design allows for fast and secure hand-held photography.
  • Various camera models and the most useful accessories will help to assemble an equipment package that is unparalleled in the exciting field of panoramic photography.


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On all Noblex Pro 150 and Pro 175 models that do not have the spring loaded locks, we can now install the modified locks that prevent the camera from opening accidentally.



Description SKU # Price- CAN$  
Noblex Pro 150E2 3502 N/A  
Noblex Pro 6/150FS   N/A  
Noblex Pro 150UX Set with slow speed module 8010 N/A  
Noblex Pro 175 UX Set,  with slow speed module 8011 N/A  
Panolux Pro metering module 3532 N/A  
Slow Speed Module (for U/UX camera only) 8551 N/A  

TECHNICAL DATA of Noblex 150 (older models)